MEQ Geo Inc. (MicroEarthQuake) is a geophysical consulting and services firm specializing in seismic monitoring. Our expertise includes:

  • Microseismic monitoring of hydraulic fractures using both borehole and surface seismic monitoring.
  • Underground and solution mining microseismic monitoring for stability using both borehole, surface and in-mine instrumentation.
  • Induced seismicity issues related to waste water injection and hydraulic fracturing.

The company was founded in 2008 to provide independent consulting on a wide variety of microseismic and induced seismicity issues. Some of the activities we focus on are:

  • Project management for surface, shallow and borehole array microseismic projects.
  • Microseismic quality control: data acquisition, processing and interpretation.
  • Microseismic data interpretation and integration.
  • Custom microseismic training.
  • Borehole microseismic data processing.
  • Microseismic feasibility studies.
  • Induced seismicity.
  • Regulation and monitoring requirements for various issues surrounding induced seismicity and stability monitoring.
  • Expert Witness experience in topics including hydraulic fracturing, solution mining and induced seismicity.
  • Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) and Crosswell Seismic Profile (XSP) project management.

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