Microseismic Consulting and Services


MEQ Geo provides consulting and services around all aspects of microseismic data and induced seismicity.  Please contact us for more information about the services outlined below, or to discuss other aspects of your particular project.  We specialize in assisting our clients with their problems and issues related to microseismic and induced seismicity.

Project Management for Surface, Shallow and Borehole Array Microseismic Projects

new 4Need help setting up a successful microseismic project? New to microseismic? We are here to help. We can assist you with design and implementation of any type of microseismic acquisition program. Rely on an independent, experienced voice when setting up your next microseismic project. We have worked with every major microseismic vendor, and many of the smaller vendors.


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Solution and Underground Mining

MEQ Geo Inc. provides expertise in stability monitoring using microseismic monitoring and has worked on topics related to solution mining cavern failure, mine stability and underground mine inflow issues. We have extensive experience working with regulators and other stage agencies in response to crisis situations.


Induced Seismicity

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Julie Shemeta was a member of the National Academy of Sciences study on induced seismicity. Our experience can help guide you through the complex and often confusing issues surrounding this topic for both hydraulic fracturing and waste water disposal wells.





Customized Microseismic Training Courses

Class2ab4rMEQ Geo provides custom workshops and in-house seminars on microseismic topics including theory, data acquisition, data processing, interpretation and data integration. Our clients include major oil companies, “super” independents and small E&P firms. We have conducted workshops in North American and China. Our courses are directly tailored to your needs using your data as class examples. We bring our expertise to your door, integrating your company’s projects directly with our classes, giving the courses immediate relevance for attendees.


Microseismic Quality Control

Picture7Have you acquired a microseismic data set and aren't sure about the data quality and microseismic location reliability? We can review your project and help you understand the data processing behind the points.



Microseismic Data Interpretation and Integration

Picture8Picture9Stimulated rock volume estimates; integration with injection information or seismic attribute volumes. We are here to help you get the most from your high-dollar investment in microseismic.



Project Management of Vertical and Crosswell Seismic Profiles

We manage any or all phases of your project including vendor selection, acquisition, planning, vendor processing, and interpretation.

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